Cottage Advert Writing Service

Are you struggling to write an advertisment for your holiday home?


Engage our writers to write an advertisement for your holiday home.

We will need the basic information about the property and photographs of each room, the garden and immediate surroundings.

Thoughts about writing that perfect holiday cottage advert

Anyone wishing to book a holiday let wants to know about your property in detail.

  • How comfortable are the beds? Are they orthopaedic or normal?
  • Is there a bath in the bathroom? What about a shower, how powerful is it?
  • What type of heating do you have? Can it be controlled by the holidaymaker?

People can see what your holiday home looks like from the photographs that you publish. These should show every room. If a photograph of a bathroom is omitted, it begs the question why.

You need to think about all the factors that holidaymakers look for. People want to move into a property and be able to use all appliances without having to read a manual.

Point out the appealing sections of your accommodation. Do let people know if there is a sun trap in the garden and where to sit to enjoy a sunset. Display all of your amenities; a BBQ, coffee machine, ice maker, hot tub or hammock can make all the difference.

Good quality comfortable holiday accommodation is just the beginning of booking a holiday, people need to know about the attractions near your holiday home. This could be known visitor attractions or just a very good bakery in your village. Extol the local virtues.


  • £200 to write an advertisement for your property
  • £200 to  input data into a web site holiday accommodation record, including photographs

What you will require:

You will need to send us at least one digital photograph of each room and several outside views.

We will send you a contract and a form for the basic details.

Payment is in advance by bank transfer or cheque.

Please Note: we will require your user details to be able to upload data and images to a holiday accommodation web site of your choice.